Who we are

A passion for animation and storytelling is our driving force. Using humor, strong design, and our extensive experience in communication, we aim to connect with the audience on an emotional level. We know there is no better way to do so than through film and animation.

Based in Malmö, Sweden, SNOW Animation Studio is a full-fledged production company delivering high end animation to brands across Europe.


Do you need a TV or cinema commercial, product visualization, or any other kind of moving imagery? We offer a full range of services from concept development to a finalized film delivered and ready for broadcast.

Work process

A master painter may be able to sculpt and a master sculptor paint. But they can’t be masters in both. That’s why our philosophy is to always use people best suited for the task at hand. With a core team of creatives based in Malmö, Sweden, we set a strong vision for each project. We then handpick the most appropriate team from all over the world for each part of the production. This way we can ensure that the final quality is always the best it can be.

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